As you get set to learn about your credit report and score, you probably have a lot of questions. There are plenty of ways you can monitor your credit, but you will want to make sure you find the information that is going to help you right away. We are here to help you with every step of the journey toward financial success.

A: Credit reports include an array of key information, such as credit card and loan payments, inquiries, and collection records. The reports can change quite often, whether you are late on a payment or catching up. The information in this credit report is used to calculate credit scores. The credit score is often the biggest factor in determining if you can earn personal, home, and auto loans. Many employers even look at the credit score after a job interview. You are entitled to a free credit report, and this will not lower your credit score.

A: It is important for you to regularly monitor your credit score. If you have one error in your report, it can cost you thousands in interest and even eliminate you from getting a loan. When you have a mistake in your report, it is essential that you report the information right away. This can also help you avoid the dangers of identity theft. If you can catch an identity thief before he has run up a lot of charges on your credit card, you can avoid having your score get too low. We will ensure that your information is protected and never the target of thieves.

A: The Vantage and FICO scores are quite different. The FICO score builds a separate model based on the information for each credit reporting agency from that agency's data, while the Vantage uses a combined set of consumer files from the three CRAs to come up with a single formula for use by all three. The score is created differently in each model. Often, you only need one month for Vantage, while the FICO uses six months. FICO treats all late payments the same, while the Vantage penalizes late mortgage payments more than other types of credit.

You have the tools to ensure your financial future. To learn more about how you can monitor your credit reports, contact us immediately. We will take the guesswork out of your credit score and monitoring your finances.

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